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About tooth replacements

“T”he latest tooth replacement is by dental implants Do you have any missing tooth perhaps one or two or whole upper jaw or whole mouth.? Upper and lower jaw? This will affect your self esteem or personal appearance and it can very inconvenient for a lot of other reasons.

You are embarrassed to smile in public because of the missing spot or afraid that your removable dentures will suddenly fall out? It’s time to end that agony or fear.

YOU can have tooth restoration by dental implants be it single tooth or whole jaw or full mouth. Missing for 1year or perhaps 5 years or 10 years more? Yes we can restore it with the aid dental implants.

What is dental implant?

“T”o the simplest, dental implants are root like screw replacements to a missing tooth implanted on an area in the jaw where you lost a tooth or whole teeth. They are made of titanium. (The only 100 percent human adaptability metal. Now with the advent of technology these Titanium implants have advance additional coating to insure faster adaptability and acceptance. They are now lightweight, smaller in size but very strong come in different sizes, they are very less traumatic, even done without pain or very less and no blood at all healing takes place from 6 months to 8 months to Max of 1 year.

Why is it important to restore missing tooth or restore it with dental implants?

“B”efore getting the implant restorations, you would need to decide why you beed it. There may be various. Reasons for getting dental implants and these reasons will vary from one person to another. However, the most primary purpose is to enjoy your food while eating, improve your appearance, and restore that self confidence and self esteem. After all what is life if you’ve been working hard but no teeth to enjoy your food or can’t smile fully because you’re wearing removable dentures that might fall out.

Missing a tooth or few teeth can make you look few years older than you actually are. Some may even hesitate to smile in front of people and that can affect one’s self image. Some have trouble speaking or eating properly. Improper chewing of food leads to indigestion, mind you our stomach have to teeth. This will lead to future stomach problems or internal problems.

Our teeth is also the balancer of our TMJ. Our Temporary Mandibular Joint where some major nerves from the brain going to the lower part of our body pass thru. If bite is imbalance or our teeth is lacking then the 3mm space in the TMJ is reduce does pressing the nerves that pass thru. It. This may lead to some health problems blurry Visions, easily tired, headaches disrupted blood flow, and others.


Over the years, dentistry has evolved from one simple extraction to dental fillings, then to removable dentures.

Now in the advent of advanced technology saving the teeth is of primary importance and treatment of dental problems to minimal pain and discomfort is a must. We use our teeth at least 3 to 5 times a day. They eventually worn out and become problematic and extracted. Many years have gone by and now, Dental Implants has evolved to a new generation of technique and usage.

People should understand and learn that having a missing tooth or probably most teeth have already been extracted, is no longer a problem.
People having these problems should avail the modern age remedy.

For 1 to 5 implants, it only takes 6 days finish. For 10 or more, it will only take 9 to 12 days.
Bring back that youthful, healthy smile.

A Good Dental Implant Patient

After the implant procedure, patient should do his part in taking care of his/her new tooth/teeth implants.

Depending on his/her bone density, 6 months to 8 months and a maximum of a year, usage of implant tooth/teeth are instructed per case.

Good oral hygiene is a must. Brushing tooth, especially, the implants carefully. Using mouthwash after meals is much encouraged.


The Philippines

The Philippines is composed of 7,100 islands spread all over the placid waters of the Pacific Ocean. Historically, with the influx of tourists in the country, alongside with its incessant course of Medical Tourism, the Dentistry in the Philippines has rapidly evolved to gain international recognition.

As this developed, the Dental Technology in the country has considerably progressed with the advent of the new technology as Dental Implant. As such, Dental
Practitioners faced with this emerging challenge in the country, impelled them to keep in steps with the widening frontiers in their quest for knowledge.

Come and visit us! Avail with yourself with the Dental Services in Cebu, Manila or Boracay, one of the best tourist destinations in the Philippines and in Asia. You will enjoy the white sand beaches, great food and accommodating people. Take a vacation and have a Dental Treatment at the same time.

A total smile make over and a total dental solution and care!