Come and visit us! Avail with yourself with the Dental Services in Cebu, one of the best tourist destinations in the Philippines and in Asia. You will enjoy the white sand beaches, great food and accommodating people. Take a vacation and have a Dental Treatment at the same time.
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Welcome to Cebu Dental Implant

The Cebu Dental Implant Clinic has manifestly keep faith with the highest standards of proficiency in keeping with the dignity of the Dental profession. Its stands over time in a manner completely above suspicions and beyond reproach conscious as it performs bounded duty to extend its proven expertise in the delivery of high quality dental care particularly solving dental problems using dental implant solutions 15 years by 2016.

What is dental implant?

To the simplest, dental implants are root like screw replacements to a missing tooth implanted on an area in the jaw where you lost a tooth or whole teeth. They are made of titanium. (The only 100 percent human adaptability metal.

Now with the advent of technology these Titanium implants have advance additional coating to insure faster adaptability and acceptance. They are now lightweight, smaller in size but very strong come in different sizes, they are very less traumatic, even done without pain or very less and no blood at all healing takes place from 6 months to 8 months to Max of 1 year.

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